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Buildbox Game Development

Whimsy Games, a BuildBox game development firm, provides high-quality services to clients worldwide. In no time, you'll have a fantastic game that can be played on various devices!

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About Services

Buildbox is a no-programming engine with a plethora of capabilities for creating games of any genre that are compatible with a variety of devices. The goal of our Buildbox game development services is to create effective and interesting gameplay. It does not take long to develop an application using this engine. You can start monetizing a game through the App Store or Google Play with little effort. Builbox-created games are strong and give a smooth experience. By partnering with Whimsy Games, you assure that you will receive a high-end solution. We not only create your game, but we also maintain and support it when it is out. Without wasting time or money, create a scalable and high-performing game that is ready for monetization.

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We Offer:

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Web Game Development
Whimsy Games creates captivating gameplay with the Buildbox engine. Our creators stay up to date on the current trends and create games that exceed players' expectations. Tell us about your ideas, and we'll create a fantastic game for you.
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App Game Development
Our motivated team has extensive expertise developing mobile apps using Buildbox platform. It's an excellent engine for developing low-cost, small-sized, high-quality apps.
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Cross-platform Game Development
If you want your game to be played on numerous screens, our expertise will design the greatest gameplay, optimize game performance, and ensure that it works correctly across various devices.
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2D & 3D Game Development
We build an awe-inspiring realm of 2D and 3D realism. Our team creates the greatest graphic and software solutions to make your game a success and attract a large number of players.


  • Speed
    If you require a basic game, building it using Buildbox is the best option, especially with the assistance of our specialists. You will save a lot of time and work while getting an excellent outcome. Consider using our Buildbox game creation services!
  • Customized game development
    Whimsy Games employs industry-recognized technologies and solutions. However, we personalize each game to allow your project to compete.
  • Multi-device support
    We assist you in broadening your target audience by developing a game that is designed for numerous displays. We design our game architecture so that your players may transition between smartphones and tablets with ease.
  • Attention to detail
    We do everything we can to make a project flawless. As a result, our experts will go through every piece of software, user interface, or design.

Genres We Сreate

  • Arcade games
  • Puzzle
  • Adventure
  • Racing
  • Sports
  • Cards
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Arcade games

We create and provide fast-paced arcade gaming experiences. Every new level presents amazing challenges.

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Our team builds puzzle games that test players' creativity. We employ tried-and-true visual approaches to capture and retain every player's attention while also assisting them in using their reasoning.

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Our experts create a game that evokes a genuine feeling of adventure. The updated game environment makes quests more enticing to gamers.

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Players select a vehicle (car, motorbike, bike). Our Buildbox-created program allows players to experience the thrill of a race while racing against another person or a machine.

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We design sports games such as football, basketball, baseball, and tennis. Furthermore, we may use fictional aspects to enhance gaming.

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Whimsy Games creates both classic and innovative card games. Gamers can visit a casino without ever leaving their couches.

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How We Work

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    Project Alignment
    We do a multi-level examination during our initial encounter. We begin by talking about your concepts and needs (genre, gameplay, etc.) before moving on to resources and schedules.
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    Goals Setting
    We chart the progress of our Buildbox game development adventure. It enables us to track our development and, ultimately, evaluate our performance.
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    After we have gone over all of the specifics, our designers begin working on their portion of the project. They produce aesthetics with the goal of stunning gamers and providing them with memorable gameplay concepts.
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    Buildbox is used by our developers to generate dependable applications. Whatever genre you select, we optimize functionality to ensure smooth operation.
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    Quality Assurance
    Our services are built on quality. That is why we do several tests to ensure that everything works properly. Before releasing a product, QA engineers inspect it after each upgrade in code and design.
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    Deployment and support
    We understand how challenging it may be to launch a game. So let us do it for you! Furthermore, when the game is released on digital distribution networks, we patch issues and make updates.
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Why US

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    Whimsy Games is a group of experts who can help you with your Buildbox game development needs.

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    There is no need to invest time and money in educating in-house professionals. Hire Whimsy Games to ensure that your ideas are fully realized.

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    Because of our experience in game design and development, our team adds value to every product we offer.

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    We strive to satisfy your company needs with the least amount of resources possible.

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    We are partners who converse as if we were buddies.

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    When we discuss your suggestions, we take them seriously and want to implement them as effectively as possible.

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    We believe that communication is the key to success. Raise your voice!

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    We keep in touch for a long period after we start our project. Even after your game is out, our collaboration will continue.

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    Our experts assist you in upgrading software and repairing flaws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whimsy Games creates games for mobile, desktop, tablets, and play stations, among other platforms. We provide a wide range of services, including game creation using the Buildbox engine. To put it another way, we employ a tried-and-true game engine with a plethora of built-in capabilities to develop high-quality games. For further information, please contact our staff.
Buildbox is a popular 3D engine that does not require any coding. Furthermore, creators do not require any additional tools to begin designing games. Everything they require is there at their fingertips.
Buildbox is significantly easier to use than other engines. Unity takes less time to provide quality, tested goods. In general, the project's duration can range from 12 to 20 weeks. It is determined by the project's complexity and the number of professionals engaged.
Absolutely. Buildbox is a cross-platform development engine that allows you to create desktop and mobile versions of your game. Our staff is ready to help you get your game on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. Please contact us and share your thoughts!
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