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Modular Mastery in Puzzle Fight Development

Location: USA

  • Autodesk
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Blender
  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • Marmoset Toolbag
  • zbRUSH
  • Unity

About Project

Puzzle Fight: PvP Wars emerges as a groundbreaking title that seamlessly blends casual match-3 mechanics with the strategic depth of mid-core battler gameplay. Set in the mystical realm of Rodrim, this game invites players to assemble formidable hero squads and navigate through an array of trials, combining the thrill of puzzle-solving with intense combat dynamics.

Puzzle Fight Puzzle Fight

Client and Project

Our client, seeking to create a unique gaming experience, envisioned Puzzle Fight as a project that would not only captivate players with its engaging gameplay but also set new standards in game development efficiency. The project aimed to unite two distinct game genres into a cohesive, immersive experience that would appeal to a broad audience.

Puzzle Fight

Challenges Faced

  • Time to Market

    One of the most significant challenges was the ambitious timeline. The objective was to go from concept to launch within six months, a timeline much shorter than industry standards for a game of this complexity.

  • Synchronizing Gameplay

    Ensuring smooth and cheat-proof gameplay across varying internet connection strengths required innovative solutions to synchronize client and server actions effectively.

  • Genre Fusion

    Blending casual match-3 mechanics with a mid-core battler system presented a unique challenge, necessitating a delicate balance to maintain the integrity and enjoyment of both gameplay styles.

  • Development Efficiency

    Given the project's ambitious scope, developing a stable, high-performance game within the tight timeframe required adopting a novel approach to game design and development.

Role of Art Coordinator

The Art Coordinator was essential in ensuring that all artistic elements of the project “Puzzle Fight” were executed flawlessly.

His job entailed collaborating with artists, graphic designers, and other team members to make sure that the art direction was in line with the project’s overall vision and goals.

Team Whimsy

  • VFX Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Principal 3D Modeler
  • Character Design Specialist
  • Environmental Art Designer
  • Animator & Rigging Specialist
  • 2d artist

Developed Features

Painting of the playing field Crafting vibrant landscapes to enrich the gaming experience.
Animation of characters for dialogues and locations Breathing life into characters through expressive animations.
Painting marketing assets Designing eye-catching visuals to promote the game effectively.
Battle pass event integration Seamlessly incorporating the battle pass feature for engaging gameplay progression.
Creation of shaders Developing visually stunning effects to enhance the game's graphics and atmosphere.

Job Done

  • Galaxy4games Modular System for Base Architecture Employed the Galaxy4games modular system to establish the game's base architecture.
  • Enhanced Functionality Modules Development Developed new, separate modules for enhanced game functionality.
  • Random Seed-Based Client-Server Synchronization Implemented a random seed-based system for client-server synchronization.
  • Balanced Match-3 and Battler Integration Achieved a balanced integration of match-3 and battler mechanics without compromising gameplay integrity.
  • Interconnected RPG and Match-3 Elements Separated but interconnected the RPG and match-3 elements to maintain fairness and enjoyment.
  • Device-Optimized Game Performance Optimized game performance for smoother play on various devices.
  • Streamlined LiveOps Process Streamlined the LiveOps process for efficient content updates and feature additions.
  • Enhanced User Interface and Experience Enhanced user interface and experience to ensure accessibility and engagement.
  • Community Input Integration for Improvements Established a feedback mechanism to integrate community input for ongoing improvements.


Puzzle Fight: PvP Wars” promises to offer a rich, engaging experience that combines strategic gameplay with the fun of match-3 puzzles. Its focus on balance, strategic use of boosters, and PvP competition could lead to a variety of positive outcomes, including a strong player community, enhanced player engagement, and significant skill development.

  • 5 months of development Fast development process: from the idea to soft-launch
  • 3 new modules New roleplay and match modules added to our Modular system: now they can be implemented into other projects too
  • 6 months of idea test Tested the idea promptly in the market with minimal funds spending


I am excited to convey our complete satisfaction with the partnership with Whimsy Games on the "Puzzle Fight" initiative. Whimsy Games has indeed gone above and beyond our expectations with their superior game development offerings. The blend of creativity, professionalism, and punctuality they've demonstrated has been exceptional, leading to a deeply engaging "Puzzle Fight" game experience. The ability of their team to merge complex puzzles with elements of competitive gameplay has resulted in a distinctive and absorbing gaming experience that distinguishes itself in the marketplace. Their dedication to excellence and innovation has not only elevated the game's attractiveness but also cultivated a dynamic community of players.
Oleksandr Nesterenko

Oleksandr Nesterenko


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