Happy Fuck-with-People’s Heads Day!


As promised – here’s a neat April Fools Day joke to play on people.

If you have a friend who’s been complaining about some mildly annoying ailment (i.e. aches and pains, fatigue, etc)  call the friend up and say, “Hey, you know  those little red marks by your ear?   I just read that that’s the first sign of (pick one)  Stroke, any form of cancer  (the more specific the more believable), Ebola, Alzheimers, schizophrenia, etc) Hint: Play on their greatest fears. When the friend responds “Really??!!!” (and I guarantee they will) say, “Yes. Seriously. You better make an appointment to see a doctor right away.” Take it as far as you wish. If they actually get as far as going to a doctor, imagine how relieved they’ll be. They might even thank you. Or not.

Well, that’s my April Fools gift to you all. Have fun wth it!

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