April Fool’s Day Prank – suggestion


Gather a bunch of friends, dress as rednecks and hold a Trump rally. Make sure you have at least one Ku Klux Klan member and one Nazi. Hold up signs that say – Trump for Prezydent ;  Trump for Fuhrer; Blonde = Aryan, Aryan = Good; Abort all Muslims, Why do you think they call it Mexico? (my personal fave because it makes no sense) Size matters! etc  Get creative. Please post any slogan suggestions and photos!

One thought on “April Fool’s Day Prank – suggestion

  1. Those are all great, McAllister, don’t know if I can even come close. “Trump, we love you cuz you’re a billionaire but you’re no classier than us crackers. Wanna come glug some beers with us?”


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