KICK ME – Please


I missed my Friday deadline for only the second time but I have a good reason. I took Friday off this week. Took it off from life that is and slept all day. Right now, things are not so good. Rather, my life is total shit. And I have nothing funny or clever to say – maybe I never did. Anyway, I’m welcoming any and all negative comments concerning me, my writing, my personality, my looks, my habits, anything. Really. Pile the abuse on. Please don’t post any praise or positive comments. Not looking for that – seriously. Comments can be funny or serious but MUST BE derogatory – towards me. I’ll start things off. I’m a total, hopeless slob. I would post a picture to prove this but my camera is buried somewhere under a pile of shit. Now, go ahead, bring it on. I can’t possibly getting any lower than I am right now so don’t worry about upsetting me. Now’s your chance.

Also, any suggestions on really depressing books or movies? Please share.

2 thoughts on “KICK ME – Please

  1. As someone who loves you very much, I have to recommend avoiding depressing books and movies. Recently I started to watch a dvd w/ Liam Neesen (sp?) based on the Matthew Scudder series by Lawrence Block that I’ve always loved, but the filmmakers went into way too much detail about how this abducted young woman was tortured & killed, so I ejected it as soon as I saw the way it was going, and popped in a Miss Marple episode. Yes, Agatha Fucking Christie! Sometimes you just have to do the soothing thing, and a little old English village in the 1950s saved me from an evening of mental anguish and probably a whole night of horrible dreams. (Sorry if I’ve depressed you by trying to cheer you up).


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