More choice


I’m back on my pro-life vs pro-choice topic. This time with the question, “when does life begin?” – the ultimate determiner of exactly how late into the process of reproduction should a woman have the right to terminate. Some extremists (read Catholics) believe that even before conception, any alteration of the process (ie birth control) is a sin. Others believe that the morning after pill is a form of murder.

I would argue that five or six years of age should be the cut off point. Give a woman some time to figure out what exactly she’s dealing with. It’s pretty obvious by that stage of life whether or not a kid’s going to be a shit bag and I’ve met plenty of children that age who really need to be exterminated.

Let me know if you support my views and would like to join my movement. Therearetoomanypeopleintheworldanywayso/

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