Proceed with Caution


Who do I think I am?
Looking so smug like I’m smarter than y’all
Like fuck I am
I’m just a dumb shit
Who’s mommy thinks she’s so special
I’m a coward
Who can’t even put on a good show of being tough
I’m white trash
With the attitude of someone who’s seen the world
And knows things you never will
I think I’m cool
But when that self-delusion fails me – as it so often does – in awkward highly embarrassing ways
I fall back on believing that I’m above everything in the lowly mortal world
I can’t even fool myself
Maybe I am better than y’all
But it must be in some undefinable way that I couldn’t even explain myself
And would certainly be beyond your powers of understanding
So have some respect – when you’re laughing at me behind my back
And recognize my superhuman powers of something that far outshines all your special whatever and might even be able to break you somehow
Maybe not – Probably not
But just maybe

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