Exodus from Paradise


I’m just leaving Martha’s Vineyard after spending a month here. Everyone thinks I’m crazy to be heading back to NYC just as it’s getting uncomfortably hot and everyone there is fleeing to various islands. However, I’m happy to be getting the hell out just as the tourist season is about to explode. All signs point to the First Family returning to the Vineyard this summer adding further chaos to what’s already a perfect storm of traffic, long lines and inflated prices. Here’s my suggestion for the Vineyard’s new tagline. Feel free to use it for a bumper sticker, tee shirt, refrigerator magnet or any other piece of tourist crap.


2 thoughts on “Exodus from Paradise

  1. Holly Nadler

    Gwyn, you’ve got to make up bumper stickers for that! I’d buy an even dozen. Had no chance to say au revoir so . . . au revoir! You’ll be missed on our congested island.


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