A giant alien octopus
Suddenly appeared on the scene
The fearsome creature slithered down the street
Somehow propelling itself on a slime trail like a 15 ton slug
Leaving all eight appendages free
To wreak havoc

To Snatch up cars and fling them through the air
Lasso skyscrapers and pull them crashing to the ground
Uproot enormous trees as if it was plucking daisies
Snap huge monuments off from their foundations and toss them aside casually
Yank loose a suspension bridge like it was tearing the ribbon from a Christmas present
Wipe out an entire block of buildings with a reckless one arm swipe
Swat airplanes from the sky like they were annoying buzzing insects
Squash whole crowds of pedestrians with one lethal tentacle slam
Pick up a baby stroller and shake its tiny occupant into its cavernous gaping mouth as if it were dispensing a tic tac

Panic ensued
People shrieked
And fled in every direction
The monster had 360 degree coverage of the scene

I stood and stared
Fascinated – but not afraid
A woman ran by me, holding her head with both hands, and screaming hysterically
I sneered at her, “It’s not the end of the world,”
“Oh – yeah it is,” I said, correcting myself.

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