‘TIl Death Do Us Part


Because I love you

-Every little thing about you

Your smile, your eyes, your walk, your funny little mannerisms

The way you laugh so openly and so generously

The way you can be so laid back one second and so full of enthusiasm the next

Because I love you

And only ever want to be with you

And think all day long of little things I could do for you

And can’t imagine life without you

It’s only

Because I love you

That I wait for hours outside your gym on the chance that I’ll catch a glimpse of you

Sneak round to the back of your house and go through your garbage

Make unecessary trips to your doctor, your dentist, your therapist and your chiropracter with the hope that I’ll run into you

Have memorized every personal fact about you that I could get my hands on (I bet you didn’t know how much was available to those with determination)

Follow you into restaurants and, when you leave, snatch up your used napkine and, if I’m really lucky, snag a bite of sandwich, a straw or a half eaten roll

Because I love you

I would gladly go to jail for you

Cut off my pinky, wrap it up in pretty paper and a bow and mail it to you

Because I love you

I would kill someone in your name

I would kill myself

I would kill you

Because I love you

I stalk you

I stalk you

Because I love you

So much

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